About stUSh

Stushelle Collection, LLC. also known as Stushelle, co. presents the ultimate posh and beauty experience at an affordable price, for your expensive taste. We offer luxurious accessories and cosmetics to enhance any style that will be certain to bring out your inner Stush Gyal!

So, what is a Stush Gyal?

The word “Stush” is widely used in most Caribbean dialects and languages, it is mostly used in the Island of Jamaica. The word is defined as stuck up, posh, conceited, prissy and “all that and a bag of chips”. Society typically see these terms as insults, but Stushelle, co. focuses on the positivity within these words. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being STUSH! You’re the type of Gyal (girl) to know what you want, you like the nicer things in life, you make boss moves, and you don’t let other’s opinions define you.

Become A Stush Gyal and embrace it!

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In memory of one of our CEO’s daughter, Kaielle, we dedicated Stushelle to you. “Where Superficial Meets Elegance”